VA Skills Lab PLUS (Pay in Full)


12-monthly trainings to teach you the tech, strategy, and mindset you need to work where you want, how you want, doing what you want.

You get immediate access to pre-work, bonuses, and module 1 which will give you everything you need to start seeing a return on your investment – everything can change today if you’re ready!

Join us in the VA Skills Lab PLUS to get access to the trainings, the private group, lifetime access, job opportunities delivered to your inbox, and one-on-one help from your very own wing-woman to help you navigate the online business world!


The Skills Lab is divided into 12 different modules over a 12 month period and each module will:

▪ Introduce you to a new skill and give you step-by-step tutorials on how to implement it
▪ Give you the background on the particular tools you are using so you will not only know the how, but you will understand the why
▪ Guide you in how you can implement it in your own business
▪ Guide you in how you can implement it for clients (and who those clients might be!)

Each month, you will gain a new skill set that you can immediately put into use and be paid for. This is not one of those courses where you have to make your way through all of the modules in order to get all of the information you need to put it into practice. Each month you will learn a specific skill that you can implement immediately for both yourself and for clients. (Translation: you have the opportunity to make your money back from day one!).

What’s included in the VA Skills Lab?

12 monthly lessons
Learn the how and the why.
Each month for 12 months you will be given a new lesson and assignment that will teach you the tech, give you the hands-on experience to do it yourself, and an understanding of the tools you are using and why you’re using them the way you are. You not only acquire a new skill that you can immediately put into practice, but by understanding the why, you become an invaluable resource for your future clients.

Whether it’s about the tech lesson of the month or the building of your own VA business, you will find guidance throughout the lessons with ideas on how to incorporate what you are learning for yourself and for your clients in creative ways you may not have thought of. (Translation: this isn’t one size fits all, this is empowering you to create something awesome!).

Private Group
We will have a private members’ only Facebook group where you can ask questions, get feedback, support, and ideas from fellow students who are at all different places in the process, as well as have access to me during specific office hours each week so that you can make sure you have the support you need as you make your way through your lessons and work with clients.

VA Directory
There’s nothing I love more than being able to give recommendations when I find people who need a service and I have the perfect person. By being a part of the online directory, you will not only be on my own personal list of people I recommend, but you will also receive exclusive emails when opportunities and needs arise! (Translation: job opportunities delivered to you!).

Lifetime Access
You will have access forever which includes any updates that are made (because lets face it, technology is constantly changing and improving!). If you ever need a refresher, you will be set!

One-on-One Support
If you are excited about being able to create something amazing and work with clients who will value and appreciate your work, but are nervous about all of the possible unknowns, I have you covered. By purchasing VA Skills Lab PLUS, you will have me by your side as you begin to work with clients so that I can help you help them. Sometimes it’s nice to have a wing-woman as you embark on a new adventure, and I am here for you.

What does this look like?
You will have access to my calendar to schedule a time for us to speak one-on-one each month during the 12-month period that you are working your way through the course. We will work on whatever you need assistance with at the time – this could mean you need more clarification or instruction on a particular skill, it could mean you’re getting ready to implement something new for a client for the first time and you want someone to come along side you to make sure that everything goes smoothly, or it could mean you need someone to help you figure out the direction you are taking your new business. Whatever you need, I’m there for you!


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